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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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six officials from the football world body arrested in switzerland over u.s. corruption charges. ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra live from our headquarters live in doha. also coming up, the e.u. is set to reveal it's plan to growing withdeal withthe growing med train cell crisis. over a thousand people have died in india. >> reporter: daniel is unveiling
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his reinvention of the piano. ♪ ♪ swiss police have arrested six high-ranking officials of football's world governing body suspicion of corruption, being held pending extradition to the united states where they are expected of taking bribes worth millions of dollars. the swiss federal office of justice says the u.s. attorney's office in eastern new york is investigating fifa kickbacks since the early 1990s and it coincides with fifa executives meeting in zurich where they are expected to reelect seth bladder to a new determine. he's not among the officials facing charges crossing over to london bringing in andy richardson to tell us more about the arrests and the allegations what are you hearing at this points? >> reporter: i think it's caught
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people completely by surprise. talking to people over in switzerland, fifa officials were zeina driving at the hotel the high-end hotel where the arrests were made and they were completely caught by surprise, the timing of it is hugely embarrass, bearing in mind seth bladder is up for reelection as president on friday. as i understand it, it started as money laundering, racketeering and it's over a long period of time. up to 20 years. and these charges stem from a joint investigation by the fbi and the u.s. tax authorities. one interesting character in all of this, is chuck blaise, an american who is at the very highest level of fifa until a couple of years ago. three or four years ago he was being investigated by the fbi for unledged unpaid tax on his hidden incomes and it appears from reports that we have had
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unofficially over the last couple of years he turned informant and was alleged to have been recording secret meetings with fifa officials for the last couple of years and it could well be that it's information the fbi and u.s. tax authorities have gone after chuck blazer that has resulted in the arrests. the timing of it hugely significant bearing in mind that seth bladder is up for reelection on friday. >> and you say significant timing, as well as hugely embarrassing for the organization andy, but what does all of this mean for the governing body? >> reporter: well being i think we are still awaiting the fallout of it. if you look back to 2010 when fifa executive committee made the decision to award the 2018 and 2022 world cups to qatar and russia members of that fifa
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executive committee, i would say about a third of them now have either left fifa because of corruption allegations, two of them were actually thrown off the fifa executive committee before that vote was everybody made because they were caught asking for money in exchange for their vote. there have been allegations of corruption swirling around fifa for years. the last couple of years there has been an investigation by fifa's own ethics committee headed by u.s. lawyer michael garcia. that concluded that there was no serious wrongdoing committed by qatar or russia, but then garcia himself disowned his own report. and it seems that has real injected new life in to this investigation by the fbi and u.s. tax authorities. >> all right andy, thank you for that update. that's andy richardson reporting from the u.k. well the european union is set to unveil its plan dealing with a growing migrant crisis.
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the proposal includes relocating 40,000 migrants in greece and italy to other e.u. countries. member states have to agree to that proposal. record numbers of migrants are making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean to try to find a new live no europe. the italian government says it will house some migrants in abandoned buildings, but some italians say the diagnose should buildingses should be used to help italy's home little. >> reporter: they keep arriving on a daily basis migrants who dream after i new life in europe for themselves and families back home. to reach this point they have put their lives at risk. his journey took him in eritrea to sudan to libya where he was detained for several months. >> translator: it was dangerous. my parents sold everything for me to be freed and come here. they transferred the money and then i was taken to a beach and we left.
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it was a zodiac, it was raining. water was coming in from everywhere. we were about to drowned. we were saved by the germans. i was so happy to see them. >> reporter: his rescue was part of operation triton, a joint approximated eu surveillance mission initiated at the end of the of last year in patrolling the mediterranean sea. but for most migrants italy is yet another transit point on their way to northern europe where they think there are more job opportunities. now, many here in italy fear that under the current atmosphere across europe, and with the tightening of the borders, holding centers like this one could just become permanent homes. italy has so par borne the brunt of the migrants, authorities have had to relocate them across the country whenever there is an empty building. police have recently con if i skate third degree one from the month of i can't, it will soon open its doors to the newcomers.
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an abandoned school is also being refurbished it's in a leafy neighborhood on the outskirts of rome. people living here fear the sudden arrival of a large number of migrants. >> translator: this area is lies lated, there are few public services, no shops pharmacies, telephones, there is nothing these are people still in the process of being identified. it is a private area it, could become a ghetto. >> reporter: a group of homeless people have also set up shop in front of the school. they say italians in need should come first. >> there is nothing for us, nothing. we can't ask for anything, we have nothing left. and then we see these situations the pie grant get house help, and then what? i have nothing against them.
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but we are the ones becoming foreigners in our own country. >> reporter: those that have made it this far many here and italy and other european countries worry about the future identity of their hometowns. hoda hamid, al jazerra rome. forensic experts are exhuming the bodies of dozens of suspected trafficking victims from mass graves in malaysia. police predict more bodies will be found as they home the kuster of camps in the junger. >> reporter: on the malaysian side of the border with thailanded criminal task continues today of investigating the potential grave sites and exhuming whatever human remain are mines night be found there. what's found to be one of the trafficking sites, it was a camp that journalists were taken to yesterday it's thought to potentially up to 40 graves might be there. but the authorities have identified 28 camp as long a 50-kilometer stretch of border where they say they might find
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ultimately well over 100 graves, well over 100 bodies. then comes forensic conversation to determine just how these people died. was it starvation, disease or indeed was murder involved with one police chief saying over the week that ends this could turn in to a mass murder investigation. also in the media today in malaysia, we are seeing thoughts that the authorities could not have known about this. but the home ministry, there will be an investigation and indeed there probably was some sort of collusion even at a local level between the traffickers and law enforcement agencies with a promise from the malaysian government that those found responsible will, indeed, be held to account. isreali air strikes have attacked the gaza strip. there were no reports of injuries. israel says these strikes were in response to rocket fire from gaza which struck the port city in southern israel. the united nations recognized prime minister of
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libya says he's escaped an assassination attempt. he was on his way to the airport, that's when gunmen attacked his car. earlier, he was forced to abandon a parliamentary session after protesters set fire to a car outside. it's unclear exactly what the protesters were demanding. this is the latest disruption for libya's elected parliament that is struggling to stamp its authority over an increasingly fragmented country. in afghanistan, four taliban gunmen have been killed during an attack on a guest house for foreign workers security forces battled with gunmen for hours in the diplomatic quarter of kabul where many foreigners live. 14 people died in a similar attack on a guest house two weeks ago. a counter offensive by iraqi troops and their allies to try to recapture anbar province from isil fighters is now in to its second day. iraq's defense ministry says air strikes have targed isil headquarters and vehicles.
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the fall of rah mad toy isil forces 10 days ago was an embarrassing defeat for the iraqi army. u.s. government officials wants the iraqi government to do more to defeat the group. rosalind jordan explains. >> reporter: 10-within. 1, the pentagon says that's how much iraqi troops out numbered isil before ramadi fell on april 15th. making u.s. defense secretary ashton carter's rechrist criticism of the iraqi military all the more damaging. what apparently happened is the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not out numbered, in fact they vastly out numbered the opposing force. yet with withdrew from the site. that says to me and most of us that we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. carter's assessment caused an
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uproar in baghdad forcing joed by tone call prime minister on monday to reassure him the u.s. still stood by iraq in its fight against isil. but on tuesday the obama administration was once again putting pressure on baghdad. >> what the iraqi government has acknowledged; that the setback that they experienced in ramadi, was at least in part a attributable to a breakdown in some military command and planning. >> reporter: u.s. officials have also expressed caution over the introduction of shia militias in mainly sunni anbar province. even the name used by the militias for the upcoming battle for ramadi refers to a historical figure revered by shia islam. it's a name that could offend sunni tribes who might otherwise join the pro government forces. >> we would urge all iraqis involved in the fight against isil to avoid any action that would heighten sectarian tensions. >> reporter: mean time, human rights groups are worried about the people of ramadi. not everyone is going to be able to head to baghdad and relative
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safety. and there is concern too that shia militias are said to have committed abuses in other liberated areas of the country. >> we have seen a lot of did he instruction of homes other infrastructure, some cases mass displacement and an unwillingness to allow people to return. looting, a lot of criminal behavior, a lot of aggressive behavior also attacks against civilians, we have record ahead a number of disappearances as well. >> reporter: the pentagon is sending 2,000 anti-tank missiles to iraqi forces in the next week. and it promises to step up training. but u.s. officials say the iraqi military must work harder if it wants to defeat isil. rosalind jordan, al jazerra, the state department. envoys for the united states japan and south korea are in seoul for talks on north korea's nuclear weapons program. the three countries say they will consult china and russia in hope to his revive six-party peace talks with the north it.
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recently claimed to have tested a new type of miss from the a submarining pyongyang is being urged to give up its nuclear weapon says program in return for diplomatic benefits. here with al jazerra and still ahead. under the weather. severe storms in texas kill at least 17 people and destroy hundreds of homes. and britain's newly reelected conservative government is about to layout its plans for the next five years. details in a moment.
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♪ the top stories on al
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jazerra. swiss police have arrested six high-ranking officials of football's world governing body on suspicion of corruption. they are being held pending extradition to the united states that's where they are suspected of taking bribes worth millions of dollars. the united nations recognized the prime minister of libya says he's escaped an assassination attempt. he was on his way to the airport when gunmen attacked his car. a counter offensive by iraqi troops and their ally to his try to recapture anbar province from isil is now in to its second day, iraq's defense ministry targed isil headquarters as well as vehicles. in india a severe heat wave has killed more than a thousand people. most of the deaths have been reported in the southern states a red alert has been issued in these states. temperatures have climbed to near 50 degrees celsius in some areas. but there is some relief insight as forecasters say the monsoon
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rains might hit india over the next few days, crossing over to joining us by skype. he's the science editor of new delhi television a private news channel. according to? indian media they are reporting there could be a drought in some areas before the monsoon rains hit. what is being done to prepare for that scenario? >> well, see, this is the hot season in india the land has to heat up only and then the moon soon will strike the country. the monsoon comes from the oceans and rises up northwards towards india. this is really the hot season and temperatures of over 40 degrees are very normal for this period. but this continued stretch of over 45 degrees centigrade temperature in the southern states is something that we just -- has caused a lot of strive and people have died. >> and the heat, we understand,
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taking its toll mostly on the majority of victims rather are those that are from the working class. what's being done by the government to shelter them from the heat and provide them any offer of assistance? >> yes see it's only people who work outdoors. people who do construction work, laborers daily wage earners on the streets who get heat strokes. what the local governments have done is people who work on government schemes have been asked to take a break between 11:00 and 4:00 in the -- 11:00 a.m. in the morning until about four p.m. in the afternoon. so most of the work is being done in the mornings and late evenings when the temperatures are a little lower. that's what the government is suggesting to the people. but ultimately a lot of them are private individuals working to earn their daily wage. so the message has to go out to them. and they have to heed to the warping. heat strokes can be very
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dangerous and heat strokes have to be avoid the at any cost. >> you say this will last a few more days up until the monsoon rained hit. and we understand the death toll right now stands at above a thousand. so do you expect it to get any higher? and what is the latest figure that you have on how many people have been killed because of the heat? >> reporter: according to the figures available from the governments in south india the figures stand at about 1100. but these are figures which can be questioned. are questionable figures but because nobody really records whether the person has died base of overheating heat stroke or because of some other reason, these are people who have been exposed to heat and have come in to hospitals and reported heat stroke. so the figure could be higher, and the next few days the heat is still going to remain so the figure could certainly rise. india is's weather offers says the
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moon soon will hit around the 30th of this month. it could be a few days earlier or later, there is always a variation, but by the time it climbs up to the southern regions it, could still be another week or so. so the heat will continue for a while, even the temperature outside my own window right now is over 45 degrees centigrade. the body works at about 27 degrees centigrade and the limit and the region in which the body works is very slim. >> right. >> anything over. [ inaudible ] degree causes the body to go in to what is called a heat stroke. >> okay, thank you very much for your giving us that update from india. a state of disaster has been declared in the u.s. state of texas after flash floods killed at least 17 people there. hundreds of homes have been destroyed and bridges swept away after torrential rain. gabriel elizondo explains.
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>> reporter: steve meeks is a man in shock. when the wall of water came rushing towards his home he and his family ranas fasts as they could. >> we got out of there with nothing. i had a shirt and shorts and shoes on my wife had her shirt and shorts, grabbed my grandson, my son got out. no cloth no i go anything. >> reporter: along the banks of the blanco river this is all that is letter of the meeks' 14 cabins at the family's resort they have own today five generations the water crushed everything in the path toppling the cabins and everything inside. >> families were all here and we decided we better get out because we had never seen anything like this. >> reporter: trees were flattens and the water rose 44 feet or 13 meet nurse a matter of minutes. this is some of the stuff that's been pulled from the various cabins now, this is just a chair, we see a couch a bed a door even this destroyed baby
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bassinet. all of this stuff including these pots and pans and plates, all of it has been completely destroyed, and so they are just piling it up over here and lighting it on fire. not only is this stuff destroyed, but more importantly the meeks' livelihood as well. >> no, it hasn't sunk in yet you know. because i wish that i could just breakdown and cry but what do you do after this? i don't know what you do after this man. >> reporter: that's the question many in these parts are now asking after the worst flooding in decades. the aerial images from the city of austin showing a rain-soaked city battered for consecutive days. and in houston the 4th-most populous city in america under water, more than 500 people had to be pulled to safety from flood waters. but back in wimberly, what is
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left of the meeks' family rain-soaked possessions is now smoldering, they are hoping this will never happen again gabriel elizondo, al jazerra wimberly, texas. mexico's president enrique peña neito has been surveying the damage caused by monday's tornado that ripped through a town near the border with texas. at least 14 people killed and dozens injured and severe winds pulled roofs from buildings and cars across streets -- cat putted cars across streets excuse me. a rescue operation is still underway and the death toll there could rise. britain's queen elizabeth ii will layout the agenda. in a fetch mark the opening of parliament the. plans include more spending us and proposal to his take back more powers from the european union. lawrence lee has more. >> reporter: five more years of david cameron. and an amazing opportunity for the conservative party to impose its will on the population of
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the u.k. entirely unopposed. after all around the cabinet table now are only conservative allies the first time that's happened since 1997. the conservatives made it clear that they will portray themselves as a party that speaks for the working classes. >> i think it's right that would in every decision that we take, every policy we pursue, every program we start, it is about giving everyone in our country the best chance of living a fulfilling and good life. >> reporter: the conservative government is certainly bad news for hess these people. so-called extremist preachers will find it harder to speak on the streets without action rested. more powers too for the spy agencies. the government now is free to try to pursue objectives it simply hasn't been able to so far. cuts to benefits, even u. migrants who can't find a job in six months have to return home. trying to a polish the human rights act and showing that thes
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u.k. doesn't have to accept people lost in the mediterranean. these things might come across as right wing, and certainly they are in part an a dealt to diffuse a threat from the far right u.k. independence part. but the government knows many labor voters feel much the same way about many of these issues and so david cameron is trying to present himself as a man for the whole country. or perhaps the whole of england at least if not scotland. with the liberal democrats and labor parties in total disarray, the only force in westminster offering opposition to what the conservatives have on offer is the scottish party. on big issues like whether the u.k. will leave europe in a referendum the snp's voice is a crucial one. >> there is a substantial number of very strong technical arguments, jobs, investment, about the long-term future, all of those will have to be deployed in that debate now. first of all, we are going to oppose any referendum, secondly we'll campaign on staying in.
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we'll deploy each and every one of those arguments. >> reporter: what of the public mood in this happened three days after the vote at the gates of downing street. and another big demonstration is sketch told protest against the furtherance of austerity to be outlined in the queen's speech. in some ways, this looks like what happens when opposition doesn't have a political focus. and there could easily be quite a lot more of it. lawrence lee, al jazerra london. the u.s. president barack obama has planned to shields nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation about has been dealt another blow. a federal appeals court has back aid temporary hold impose booed a lower court. 26 states have challenged obama's executive order. the white house says it's essential to function a broken immigration system. we all know what a piano sounds like, but how about something radically different? the pianist and conduct door daniel has unveiled a new type of piano to take to the stage worldwide.
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charlie angela reports from london. >> reporter: theythough the keys like they have for hundreds of years, the sound they produce is lightly different. pianist and compose erden el has played on stein way pianos all his life. but this is the first one with his name on it. it's inspired by the piano used by the 19th century hungarian composer franz list, he tried it and wanted to combine its sounds with the power of the modern piano. from the outside it looks like a modern concert grand piano inside are where the differences lie, you can see how the strings run in straight lines rather than angle and that is what creates the different sound aircraft much warmer sound closer to what composers will have heard almost 200 years ago. daniel is considered the world's greatest all-around musician.
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and as a conductor he has tried to build bridges through muse ill, with his orchestra of palestinian and ill rays i musicians he's repeat lid condemned israels' occupation of gaza and the west bank. evening when describing his new instrument he likens his role as pianist to solving a political problem. >> it's as if each note is there for itself. and you the pianist have to give them a feeling of solidarity, of homo general at this. but i feel very inspired by it. of i am very happy with. >> reporter: but listen to to him talk to the instrument's builder, chris maine it sounds like there is still? tweak to go do. >> if the. [ inaudible ] will it make a difference? >> it will make a difference. >> i think it will. >> it's another problem. >> reporter: so far this is one of only two in the world a rare
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reinvention that will be kept under wraps until he runs his fingers over it later this week in london. charlie angela, al jazerra london. well, just a reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all of the news on our website on target tonight, fight for flight? the u.s. defense secretary says iraq's army has lost the will to take on isil. new questions raised about a connection between donations to the clinton foundation and arm sales approved by hillary clinton's state department. one week after being driven out by isil fighters, iraq security forces launched a new operation to try and take aback the strategic city of ramadi. even if the iraqis succeed, it